Important Information For Getting Married In Spain

UK Citizens

When getting married in Spain, a religious Ceremony in a Roman  Catholic church is legally binding and recognized by the Spanish authorities.  There is no need for either of the couple to be resident or “empadronado” in Spain and all the paperwork is prepared in your home country.  You should contact your local parish priest who will help you prepare and then send the documentation via the Arch Dioceses to the church in Spain where you will be married. 

After the wedding you take the signed certificate given to you by the priest to the local Registry or Town Hall and your marriage is registered with the civil authorities and made legal.  The official wedding certificate is issued some days, and sometimes weeks, after the church ceremony certificate is presented.

Catholic weddings in Spain will only be performed in a Roman Catholic Church.  One of the couple must be catholic and neither of them divorced.

For more information you should consult with your local parish priest in your home country and also the Spanish priest where you intend to marry.

It is possible to marry through other churches in Spain, such as Protestant, Islamic and Jewish but couples must comply with the civil requirements and normally be a member of the local church in Spain where you will be married.

Wedding Blessing Spain 

For most UK residents that do not have a property in Spain or are not Catholic, it will be necessary to have a civil wedding in Gibraltar or the UK followed by a marriage blessing in Spain. 

I can help arrange your registered wedding in Gibraltar and then create a wedding ceremony in one of Spain's breathtaking resorts, where your family and friends can join you in  your special blessing in the most spectacular setting.

These beautifully created ceremonies really do make your wedding a day everyone remembers.